Hello and welcome to 3Mask. 

After struggling to source high-quality PPE for our families, brothers Richard and Paul came together to start 3Mask with one aim. To find quality affordable 3Mask for our families and for people in need. So that’s what we started doing. We’d buy our masks and respirators in bulk for as cheaply as we could and resell them for the same price to people in need.

After our first 10,000 masks, we realised the only way to scale sustainably was by pivoting to a margin-based model. This allowed us to buy at higher volumes, negotiate more vigorously with our suppliers, and source even more affordable products without sacrificing quality.

We care about the well-being of our customers and we care that you can protect your family safely and affordably without being punished. 

Each sale at 3Mask also enables us to donate one box to key workers across the UK so while your keeping your family safe you also helping key workers.

Our office is based in the North West of England and our UK Factory is based on the outskirts of beautiful derbyshire. 


Thanks for visiting 3Maks and stay safe.